Home Purchase Loans

What type of property are you purchasing?

Basics of Loan:

A loan that is secured by property or real estate is called a mortgage. In exchange for funds received by the homebuyer to buy property or a home, a lender gets the promise of that buyer to pay back the funds within a certain time frame for a certain cost. The mortgage is legally binding and secures the note in giving the lender the right to have legal claim against the borrower’s home if the borrower defaults on the terms of the note. Basically, the borrower has possession of the property or the home, but the lender is the one who owns it until it is completely paid off.

Types of Loans:

There are plenty of financial sources that provides personal unsecured loans if the credit score is good and you have a monthly source of income. It is up to the borrower to select the banks or lenders whose interest rate and conditions are quite fitting with your needs.

The FHA or Federal Housing Administration provides mortgage insurance on loans made by FHA-approved lenders. FHA insures these loans on single family and multi-family homes in the United States and its territories. The loans are helpful for the borrowers whose credit history might not be excellent and can pay less down payment compared to conventional. The down payment is 3.5 % compared to the conventional and the best bit is that FHA 203 K. FHA 203k is usually the only way you can borrow a lot of money for initial repairs but the drawback is that the interest rate on such loans is about one percentage point higher.

In the scenario of default on payment, the govt. will pay the money to the lenders but your home will be repossessed by the lenders.

VA loans are an option for veterans, and it's possible to put 0% down on one. Just like with FHA loans, the VA itself doesn't lend money, it just guarantees part of the loan so lenders feel comfortable lending the money. VA-guaranteed loans can be combined with second mortgages (which is when the bank makes the main loan covering most of the price of the house, and the seller makes a separate loan to the buyer for the rest of the price.)

Some conditions for a Home Purchase Loan:

  • 3-20 % can be the down payment depending on the lenders
  • 2 years of steady employment
  • Good Credit Score
  • Monthly income (which should be twice or thrice the estimated monthly mortgage payment)

Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage is a form of loan provided for older homeowners that requires no monthly payments to the bank.